Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why should you should retain a personal injury attorney? (Part 1)

Insurance companies have spent billions of dollars lobbying congress to enact tort reform legislation.  These companies have given many rationales for enacting tort reform laws.  One of the main rationales is to keep medical costs low.  The logic is that if payouts for damages in personal injury and medical malpractice claims are kept low, medical costs will also be kept low benefiting society at large.

However, insurance companies are not neutral parties in this equation.  Insurance companies are interested in keeping recoveries for personal injury claims low, so that their profit margin on each insurance premium stays high.  Insurance companies are for-profit institutions after all.

Insurance companies don't want people to retain personal injury attorneys.  In fact, studies made by insurance companies have shown that "attorney involvement is associated with a 64 percent increase in the average claim size." This is one reason hiring a personal injury attorney is important.  It is essential to retain an advocate who will fight for your rights and your interests, without ulterior motives.

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