Monday, March 7, 2011

Future Lost Income: Part I

Future lost income is an important part of many catastrophic and serious personal injury recoveries.  Serious injury commonly impairs an individuals ability to earn income.  The computation of future lost income includes lost income for the type of job most recently held by the injured person but for jobs  potentially beyond the scope of the last position held by the injured person.  An almost philosophical approach must be taken in order to make the best possible recovery.  A computation of future lost income takes into account a person's potential. The following factors have been held relevant in this calculation:

(a) physical and mental capabilities;

(b) preexisting physical or mental impairments;

(c) educational background or specialized training;

(d) chosen livelihood;

(e) alternative paths of employment; and

(f) possibility of lessening the detrimental effect that the injury has had on the ability earn.

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