Monday, March 7, 2011

Future Lost Income: Part II

Two of the most important pieces of evidence used to support a claim for future lost income are testimony of the Plaintiff and testimony of an expert--an expert might testify as to the duration of the injury or the permanence of the injury.  It is the attorney's role to fully articulate the extent of the injured person's future lost income.  A determination of future lost income is done on a person to person basis.

Recoveries for future lost income might include a calculation for advancement in the Plaintiff's job field. For this reason, it is important for personal injury attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation of the Plaintiff's employment.  Important sources of testimony in support of an award for future lost income include: the plaintiff, co-workers, people working in plaintiff's field, and experts who can calculate and project the lost income.

Generally speaking, the recovery for future lost income is the difference between what the plaintiff should've been able to earn and what that plaintiff can earn in the wake of the injury. This calculation is tempered with the concept of reasonable certainty.  A jury's finding must be supported by reasonable proof.

Retaining occupational economist expert is an important way to substantiate claims for future lost income.  This is especially true in wrongful death cases.

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